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I'm here to make

Hi there, I'm Leila, a UX designer in the sunny island of Singapore.


Before this, I spent about 7 years as a learning specialist who researched, designed and facilitated learning experiences. This included a 2-year sabbatical that I took to teach English in Japan to high schoolers. My journey has given me invaluable skills and experience in conducting needs analysis and facilitating both small and large group conversations.


I believe every interaction people have with each another, and their surrounding, should be meaningful. I'm here to help create that.

How I got started in User Experience

In 2021, I was in a slump. I was a learning specialist researching on the future of learning and experimenting with new learning methods. The work was stimulating, but rarely translated into real world impact. I was burnt out, and I wanted to spend my time more productively. So, I starting taking on more tangible projects. In those projects, I spoke with users on their needs. I conducted focus group discussions. I co-created solutions with users.

It became a journey of discovery for me. I found such joy deep diving into users' needs and problems, and brainstorming solutions. The agile process also struck a chord with me. It was exciting seeing my efforts become real results through incremental change. Those small milestones kept me motivated.

In 2022, I took a leap of faith and enrolled in an immersive UX design course by General Assembly to further explore this passion. It was a challenging 6 months of juggling a full-time job, coursework, and personal commitments, but I emerged a much stronger UX designer. I am glad for the growth, and can't wait for the next challenge that awaits me!

What I'm curious about

My strength and area of interest lies in conducting and translating user research. I enjoy the process of walking in someone else's shoes, hearing their lived experiences, and empathising with their realities. The problem-solver in me is also constantly seeking new and innovative ways of addressing needs and pain points.

As I continue building my skills as an all-rounded UX designer, I'm also starting to pick up useful skills such as coding languages, data analytics and data visualisation. I take joy in learning, and look forward to continuously growing and developing my professional and personal self.

My other passions

Outside of work, I am spontaneity personified! I believe in living in the moment and enjoying what life has to offer.


This means I'm always up to try new things and explore uncharted areas. And over the past few years, I've picked up many hobbies. My current obsession is with scuba diving and Muay Thai. Enjoy some GoPro photos from my latest dive trip below!


Let's connect!

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