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Hi, I'm Leila!

I’m driven by my desire to create meaningful experiences. I love digging at the root of problems to achieve clarity of thought, then coming up with targeted solutions. I have deep skills and instincts in facilitation and user-centricity from over 7 years of experience as a learning designer and specialist.

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Some of the works I'm most proud of.


With a project team, I helped redesign Health Buddy, a government healthcare service app, to improve its functions and ease of use.

My Role

Co-Project Lead

User Research Lead

Usability Testing Lead


5 weeks (Aug 2022)

Key Results

Improved SUS score by 37%

Functions were more intuitive to use

Interface was more visually pleasing

Important information could be found easily

Phone mockup 01.png


LevelUp is an online gamified personality assessment tool for children. With a project team, I helped redesign their "freemium" model and pricing plans and improved the overall UX of their existing website.

My Role

Prototype Lead

Usability Testing Lead

Assistant Project Lead


6.5 weeks (Oct - Dec 2022)

Key Results

Achieved SUS score of 82/100

Clearly articulated the value of the pricing plans

Improved branding and visual design

Desktop 01a.png


I designed a mobile browser site for Straits Market, a premium online grocer, so that it is optimised for convenient and easy online grocery shopping.

My Role

Solo project


4 weeks (Jul 2022)

Key Results

SUS improved by 152%

Navigation was more intuitive

Interface was cleaner

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